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Vini di qualitĂ  in Valpolicella Classica.

The estate consists of about 10 hectares of directly owned or grown vineyards situated in the hillside area of the Valpolicella Classica,in the villages Valgatara and Negrar.We produce the classics wines of the area .Amarone ,Valpolicella Ripasso, Valpolicella Superiore and Recioto.
The planting system is pergola except for few vineyards that are cultivated with the guyot system. The main varieties cultivated by the company are: Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara.
A healthy environment gives good fruit. It may seem an easy concept in agriculture but we assure you it is not. This is the fundamental belief that is at the base of our wine. We refuse to use chemical pesticides and instead, use agricultural practices that respect nature, the people who live in it and our consumers. ORGANIC SINCE 2012


The weather was hot for most of the summer, with temperatures above average for the season and an almost complete lack of rainfall. However, this didn’t change soil temperatures in any significant fashion and water resources remained constant. In fact, the slight stress caused by drought that there was contributed positively to an accumulation of polyphenols and sugars. Vines are famous for their capacity to survive difficult climatic conditions.
The final phase of the ripening process was excellent, and we were able to harvest ripe, healthy grapes in an ideal state for vinification and with notable aromatic complexity.Conditions so far mean that this will be regarded as a fine vintage.  Everything points to an exceptionally good year both for wines made with freshly picked grapes and wines made with grapes laid out for appassimento.

TENUTA CHEVALIER VIA DON C. BIASI 46 SAN PIETRO IN CARIANO- 37020 FRAZ.-SAN FLORIANO-VERONA TEL e FAX 0039 045 6838349 EMAIL info@chevalier.it   P.I. 03216060230
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